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Life’s Little Blessing of Laughter

Life can find itself heavy at times and when this occurs, laughter can be the first thing to go thus robbing us from the joy and healing power it has over our lives.

Unfortunately, due to massive stress I have been under, I have found laughter is a blessing I have lost.  My joy and fun have been replaced by fear, anger, and stress..

Our day started out unexpectedly at yet but another doctor visit which enabled us to visit our favorite nurse and doctor at the end of that appointment.

This was important to us because they provided my daughter with the most gentle and encouraging medical care one could ever hope for or be blessed by.


Laughter always comes about when this doctor is seen whether it is for medical help or by simply visiting him.

He has the amazing ability to bring humor out of the worst pain you could be experiencing or out of a quick stopping by to just say hi because he has become our favorite doctor out of all the doctors my daughter has been seen by over the past two plus years.

Thanks to this visit today, we were able to spend time experiencing the blessing of laughter and the healing power it has over the stress of our life.

 It felt so good and I always walk away from days like this with the gentle reminder from God of the healing power laughter holds.

Thank You God for this unexpected blessing today.

We pray for many more with the very busy weeks that lie ahead.

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