Faith, Focus, Trust

Reflections In The Rear View Mirror

As the week closes and I reflect back I will share what I have learned.

Full disclosure, I’m not saying I have mastered this, but I am saying this is what God is trying to teach me.

  • Stay Focused 
  • Remain Faithful 
  • Learn to Trust

These have been difficult to hear and even harder to implement when the trials of life occur.


God wants us to stay focused on Him and the promises  He has for us. His way isn’t always easy because it isn’t always wrapped up in a neat and tidy little box that we think of as “normal”. What I find helps me is to pray about what lies ahead and to write myself notes. The notes remind me visually to stay focused. Write yourself bible verses on sticky notes and add them to your planner. This will serve as a means to stay focused on God and His promise to remain in control over the results of our circumstances. I will be doing this myself as I prepare for a crazy busy week to come. Focus on God my friend. He knows all of your problems and concerns. He even knows what the results are at the end. Trust His lead and focus on Him to guide you along your journey.



We are to remain faithful to Him even when our circumstances make no sense in how they can be worked out. I had to write myself a sticky note as a reminder that it didn’t matter what I was dealing with at that moment, I had to remain focused and faithful to what I knew to be true despite it not making sense to my circumstances at that moment in time.  Because I wrote that note I was able to remain faithful to God’s promise that everything would work out.  This isn’t easy for me to do, especially during times like these, because problems don’t always have a resolution at the end of the day. I am struggling with learning that faith doesn’t always come because it is seen. It comes by believing God is always working out what can’t be seen.



The last lesson to be learned is to trust God with every concern and problem. To be brutally honest, this is one of my hardest lessons I’m trying to learn. It is so hard to trust God has everything planned out and all I have to do is let God have the situation. It isn’t that I don’t trust Him to have the solution, but it is hard to trust He has a plan when  I am faced with the problem and I have to make a decision without the ability to say, let me go pray about this and come back with an answer. There are many decisions that have to be made right then. This has happened to me several times in just this week alone, but God still tells us to trust Him. This is where spending time in prayer over what lies ahead in your day is important . Trust God in every circumstance. Sounds easy when I write it, but harder when I’m living my problems in the moment and often times in the second.


As I close I want you to know everything I learned through the week is what God revealed to me as I reflected back on my week, but it by no means implies that I mastered these lessons. I have a lot more work to do and I am fairly certain God will have me practice in the week to come since it is already set up to be a crazy week similar to what this past week was. It is my prayer God will touch your heart with these lessons I am trying to learn and to see that although I may write about these topics it doesn’t mean I have mastered them through my own experiences.

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