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Are Your Discouraged or Burning Out?

Is Your Life Spinning Out Of Control?


Do you ever just feel like you can’t take one more step forward, hear one more Moooooom, hear one more, “I need…” and so on?

Exhaustion is just so hard to push through. I believe the Energizer Bunny has to be a mom because I think many of us are so tired that are just operating out of pure habit instead of truly functioning.


There are many different circumstances that affect many people  who reach this point of exhaustion. These faces take the form of mothers and fathers, homeschool teachers, working mothers, care takers to sick children, care takers to a wounded/sick spouse or parent and Military spouses who are taking care their injured spouse .  These just skim the surface of all the faces of people who experience exhaustion, but these seem to be the ones I know of that are affecting people today..

Burn out comes about from a state of chronic stress and the inability to get out of your circumstances. If burn out occurs you will find great difficulty leading a professional life as well as accomplishing simple daily  tasks.  If you find you are struggling daily, observe your life and see if the following is occurring.

Description of Burn Out… 

  • Physical and emotional exhaustion. 
  • Cynicism and detachment
  • Feelings of ineffectiveness and failure

Physical and Emotional Exhaustion occurs when your body does the following…

  • Chronic Fatigue.  If you notice the following occurring, you are experiencing chronic fatigue. You notice a lack of energy as well as extreme exhaustion.  You can’t get enough sleep. You begin to notice you are emotionally exhausted. You are just feel empty with the inability to “help” any more.
  • Insomnia. You will notice you are struggling to either go to sleep or stay asleep. Initially this occurs only a few nights a week, but without notice it begins to occur more frequently. Then as a result of this insomnia you find yourself struggling with physical exhaustion thus adding to the chronic fatigue above.
  • Forgetfulness.  You find you are struggling with the inability to focus on tasks no matter how big or small they are.
  • Physical Symptoms. You will begin to actually feel physically sick. Some symptoms include, headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal pain, and more.
  • Increased Illnesses. You begin to experience a weakened immune system, colds, and flues.
  • Anxiety. This is most visible if you experience tension, worry, and are exceptionally and easily frustrated.
  • Depression. Hopelessness and the feeling of worthlessness begins to settle in.  You experience a lack of energy and motivation to do simple things you once enjoyed and found easy to do.
  • Anger. Tensions rise and your irritability level is higher than what would be your normal.

Cynicism and Detachment… 

  • Loss of Enjoyment. If you find you no longer seek personal enjoyment in your life, family and friends. You no longer seek enjoyment doing your hobbies, exercising, and activities you once loved.
  • Pessimism.  You find you are a negative person now.   You feel like your thoughts and actions don’t count for anything any more.
  • Isolation. You are finding you are happy when you have more time alone.  Instead of eating lunch or supper with others you are more than happy to do this alone. You begin living behind closed doors more. The further into isolation you go the more irritated you become if someone invades your personal space and can even become angry when people wish to communicate with you. Conversations become more difficult for you because your time alone has been interrupted.
  • Detachment. You will withdraw both physically and emotionally from your personal and professional life.

Feelings of Ineffectiveness and Failures…

  • Feelings of Hopelessness. You seriously struggle with the feeling of nothing going right. You feel  like nothing  matters any more. You loose the natural fight to make a difference in what you once believed in because to fight becomes too much work at this point in time.
  • Increased Irritability. You feel useless, not important, and ineffective in what you use to do whether in your professional or personal life.
  • Lack of Productivity. You being to procrastinate doing your to do lists and finishing projects. You no longer are able to plan ahead like you use to. You live more in the moment you are thus not allowing you to think ahead or even multitask projects any more.

img_1268I’ve spent extra time researching this topic to share these symptoms because of their importance level.  Anyone who lives with a family member who has experienced trauma in their life or a Service Member who experiences PTSD will see all of the above symptoms. This is a daily life for them.

Now here is your hope and encouragement.  God is always by your side.  If you find you are experiencing burn out then you have just made your first step in the right direction of healing.  God will show you how to climb out of this dark hole. Just remember, you didn’t get here over night and healing won’t happen over night.

Here are some steps to help you gain the strength to battle is burn out phase.

  • Look to God for the strength you need to pick yourself back up again.  
  • Lean on Him for your strength.
  • Listen to your praise and worship music. 
  • Read your bible even if it is nothing more than 5 minutes at a time. The more you read the more you will heal.
  • Spend time talking to God.  He is listening to the words you say and is listening to the words you don’t say.
  • Take your baby steps forward my friend.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  • Lastly, journal my Friend.  Write those feelings down so you don’t harbor the unhealthy thoughts in your mind. Write them down and let the healing power of writing help you through your healing process.

One day you will find yourself again. Hope is easily lost when traveling through this difficult journey but know this isn’t hopeless.  You can do this. You are stronger than you know and braver than you think.  God is empowering you. Accept his strength, grace, and mercy for He loves you. Let Him love you and let Him show you His love  to you. One day the love you need for yourself will return again. You’ve got this friend!


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