Please know I have not forgotten our blog. Mr. T (hubster) had his surgery and after only a few days he began to relapse instead of recover.

We have been at an emergency room since 3:00 this afternoon but we are actually at a second hospital because they weren’t able to help him at hospital 1, but once this test is done we will be going back to hospital 1 with hopefully an easy answer to pain he shouldn’t be having.

I wish I could say this has been an easy journey and that I have done it gracefully but that is far from the truth.

I haven’t slept for over a week. That is a horribly long story and so tired and exhausted don’t begin to describe how I am feeling now.

I told Mr. T tonight that I haven’t slept in so long that I am afraid I will have forgotten how to when I can again.

I thought I would check in since I have to be awake and let you all know I am truly still here.

When life settles down again and my brain functions are back then I can post some real thoughts. Until then, you are at the mercy of my simplistic thinking.

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