Good Mornng 

I am still here. I am still hurdling obstacles within my life while I get my people back on their feet.  My dear daughter is recovering nicely and is now working on building up her strength again.  My Mr T is still recovering, all be well, for what he has been through. He is still down and may still need to go back to the doctor to check out his blood clot in his leg. I am praying this isn’t anything. 

On Friday I received a letter stating, as if I don’t have enough on my plate, that I now have been selected by my city for Jury Duty.  I know many people see this as a good and honorable deed, but for me right now I see it as a huge and stressful burden. 

I am going to contact the City to see if due to the health needs of my family that I can be removed from this list right now. I hope I can.  I have way too much stress on my plate at this moment in time that I need this off my plate. 

Please know I have not forgotten about our blog. I am still here. I promise when I can think again I will be posting regularly again. 

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