Time To Reset

Your Encouragement Today is to welcome Saturday as not just the first day of the weekend, but as the first day to reset from your busy week.

I am not sure what your Saturday’s look like tradionally, but for many they are the day of getting chores or errands done.  

So with that being said, how do you reset your week when you have to wash laundry, grocery shop, mow the lawn, or clean the house? 

Take your time. If sleeping in helps you to catch up on much need sleep, do it. If running errands with your spouse brings joy because you can spend much needed time together, do it. Bring excitement to the chore or task by including it with an activity you both enjoy. Does that look like going out to lunch together? Then go to lunch together. Does it mean going on a walk at the beach or at the park or on a nature trail? Do it. The key is to bring the joy back to your life by spending that time together while you are out. By doing this, you are reconnecting with the people you love while taking on the chores that need to be addressed as well. 

Take your time in what you are doing. I know for me most of my frustration comes from feeling like I must hurry through my chores to maximize how much stuff I can get done in a day, while I become frustrated when things don’t work smoothly. Slow flow, my friend. Not everything “has” to get done if it means you loose your “peace”. 

Loosing your peace doesn’t allow you to pause or reset your weekend. It just brings the same stress and chaos from the week you just had and sets you up for another work week of the same stress you have already been dealing with. 

My friend, your challenge for today is this: 

  • Stop and breathe.
  • Mix chores and errands with something enjoyable.
  • Find time to do something you enjoy.
  • Share it with the people you love and who bring joy to your life.
  • Smile or laugh at something funny.
  • Look purposefully for something that reminds you to be thankful to God for what He has done for you or has given you.
  • Show gratitude to those around you as gratitude has a way of bringing joy back to your heart.

Happy weekend my friend. It is my prayer that you find your peace and joy this weekend allowing you to pause and reset your life. You’ve got this. You can do it! 

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