Journey, Motivation, Rest

Breathe … 

This is a simple reminder to take time out of your busy day to sit back and relax and breathe.

This sounds like such an easy thing to do when in fact I think for many of us, including me, find it is very hard to do.

Our fast paced busy lives makes it hard for us to often times spare even a half hour to just sit back and breathe.

I think of walking in a park, yes, cool thing to do, but how many people go to the park today just to experience the freedom it offers? How many people walk through the park and take advantage of the park benches and the beautiful scenery and just sit down to enjoy the peacefulness of the environment? I hardly ever see anyone just sitting down.

Everyone there is the for a purpose. It is time to get the valuable exercise routine in. Don’t talk to me, I am focused, I am training, I am working out, my headphones are in so you won’t disturb me.

Yes, it is okay to laugh. Anyone who has been to the park knows exactly what I am talking about. You see your usual people who are doing this everyday so as to not miss a beat in their workout time.

But the park, people… take the time today, if it is beautiful, when you are walking past one of those many empty park benches to just sit down, let the sun beat on your face, and enjoy the quiet beauty God has offered to us for free.

My friend, sit back, relax, and breathe today. Your week to come will thank you.

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