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Looking To Nature For Inspiration

I have been trying to write a blog post all day and my words are just not coming to me.

I want so badly for them to come back because I love writing in my blog. I love touching people’s hearts with the words God puts on my heart.

These past couple of months have been extremely difficult and I have lost my words in the messiness of hardship.

Please know I am still here, me and my blog. Words or no words.

You may start to see more pictures than words until my pictures can help me to find my words again.

Please be patient as I’m trying hard to find who I am so that I might find where my words are hiding.

Until I am back on my feet again, I would ask a favor from those who read this and are encouraged by the words in my blog.

Please pray for God to guide me, heal my heart both physically and emotionally, and to clear my mind of the messiness that has caused this writer’s block.

My quest is to find my happy and joy in the midst of trials, hardships, and confusion.

I am hoping to be back again soon, if nothing else, via pictures I take, as I find “me” again.

Thank you for faithfully following me despite my times of absences.

One day, as God gives me permission, I will begin to share my difficult story with the hopes it will touch others who struggle in the same manner as I do.

It is always encouraging to me when I find that I am not the only one struggling with a particular problem and I want to give that same encouragement back to others as well.

I feel God created this blog as that platform to share my story to help others, but now it is up to Him to reveal His timing and His words as to when all of this happens.

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