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Look For The Simple Things

It is the simple things in life that help to bring… 

                                                     slow to our chaos, 

                                          normal to the abnormal, 

                                              and peace to the busy. 

Take the time either today or tomorrow to slow down and find your place of peacefulness and tranquility.

Take the time to breathe and release the anxieties and worries of your life. 

Release them back into God’s hands and let Him take control over all that has you weighed down. He wants them any way.

Take the time to look around at the sights and smells of the things around you. The smiles of those you love, the laughter of your children you have turned deaf to. The gentle touch of a spouse you grew hard to. The hug of a parent you wished would go away.  The house you made a home.  

It is way to easy to fall into the trap of being blind to the people and things around. We get so busy trapped in being busy, that we loose focus on the “real” meaning to life. 

Look back to the life you built from scratch. The life you built with your own two hands out of love and hardship. The love you built out of blood, sweat, and tears. 

My friend, take time this weekend to give an extra glance at those who love you. Hug them a little longer and laugh a little louder, for all of this is the true meaning to life, love, and happiness. 

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