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Standing Tall and Strong

Your True Beauty is Found in Your Strength

How many times have you felt like you have been abandoned in life?

Have you experienced the loss of a spouse, whether by a divorce or a death?

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one through critical health issues or psychological conditions?

Have you experienced the loss of a trusted friend who you invested your deepest thoughts and secrets into?

There are many times in life where our circumstances change leaving us feeling abandoned and unprepared for what is ahead.

There is a time to grieve the loss of what changed your life, but the key is you can not stay there.

There is a healthy time when you need to move your life forward.

This note of encouragement is designed for you today.

“When life gets you down and no one is there to help lift you back up, you can either continue waiting for someone to come along to help you, stay down, or decide that you’re strong enough to lift yourself back up.” – Kevin Ngo

Be encouraged My Friend, to know you are strong enough to stand back up and move forward with your life.

You can do this.

Don’t allow your circumstances to control you any longer.

Take control of your life allowing yourself to find the strength you once had again.

With this new found strength you will be able to stand tall, stand strong and move forward with your new life.

Make it beautiful, My Friend.

You can do this!

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