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Being Thankful For Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Thanksgiving

I am going against the tradition of thankfulness this year.

A02A6CDC-3F9F-4222-BD44-F2EDFF0AB820Everyone is always thankful for family and friends and I am as well, but this year I want to express my thankfulness to the person who shows a random act of kindness.

This is the person who goes against the norm of selfishness and thinks of someone else in an unexpected way.

I’m thankful for the person who says, “No wait, let me get that door for you. Do you need help with that?”  Any random at of kindness has a way of changing a person’s life.

This is the person I am thankful this year for. Take a moment out of your day and be that person who can change the heart of a random stranger.

You never know how God is working. He could orchestrate it to where this stranger becomes a lasting friend in the end.

Consider today on this day of Thanksgiving about what random act of kindness could you do to touch someone’s life today.

Now back to tradition. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone I know and love.

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