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The Warmth of A Parent’s Heart

Motivation Monday

There is nothing more rewarding that touches a mom’s heart then to unexpectedly hear the words, “Mom, you’re the best.”

Mom’s and dad’s, we all know our kids hearts. We know how to touch them and reach them. We know what their love language is and we try to talk to them and love them by using this language.

55E60F15-8389-4FF4-B8F5-11F9D45F5356We also recognize a lot of times that what we do for our kids goes unappreciated. Keep your chin up and keep doing for them (especially if they are teenagers), because when you least expect it, they will reward those countless efforts with unexpected love and maybe a few short words. Grab the love and those words holding them tightly to your heart.

When my child was small I learned from a pastor to tell our children often that we love them, but don’t forget to tell them you like them too. He stated that all to often our children know we love them, but when asked if they feel their parents like them they say no. When questioned why their responses were no they would reply, my parents have to love me because I am their kid, but it doesn’t mean they have to like me.

Ever since I heard this, I have always wanted my child to know that I not only love her, but I like her too.

I started this out when she was very young and have continued telling her this right through today. I don’t ever want her to think I don’t love or like her.

Mom’s and Dad’s, don’t be afraid to tell your children this regularly and as often as you need to, for them to feel it in their hearts. Do not forget to show them as well. By showing them, it doesn’t mean you have to give gifts. By showing them it is by doing something that will touch their heart. Do they love food, then meet them there. Prepare their favorite food for a meal when they least expect it.

If it is by touch, then sit down beside them and watch tv or read a book together. Brush their hair as we all know how nice that feels when someone runs their fingers or a brush through ours. Oh and sweet mom and dad, DO NOT FORGET THE POWER OF A HUG!

Do they feel special because you share your time, then think about their favorite activity. Do they like to play soccer or shoot hoops, then make the time to do this. Do they like to create things, then meet them their. Do they like to play board games, then play a game.

Do they like to help you, then include them in what you are doing. If you are a dad and you are working in the yard or on the car, include your kids (both girls and boys if they are interested). Mom’s your greatest tool is usually in the kitchen. Allow them to cook with you if they are interested. This includes both the boys and girls as well. Whatever it is you do with your family, include the kids. So many times we are in such a rush that we do everything ourselves while the kids are off playing or in their rooms playing video games or texting/chatting with their friends. Re-engage in that relationship. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it is the investment of your time and love that will touch their hearts and leaving lasting imprints on them forever.

Hang in their mom and dad. If you love your children, then you are doing an amazing job. I know how frustrating this can be no matter how old your child is. There are many times we get tired and weary, but cling to the hope and assurance you are touching their hearts.

Take one day at a time if you are in a season of struggling. Allow God to show you how to touch your child’s heart. He created them and He knows how He wants them molded. Trust the process no matter how difficult it may be. You’ve got this.

Then when you least expect it, you will be rewarded with the wonderful words, “You are the best”or “I love you.”


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