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Smallest Acts of Kindness

Hold The Deepest Meaning

Motivation Monday

December 4, 2017

60E9F9BE-FD21-429B-8277-DAACFC2DD00AWhen life throws you a curve ball,  how many times do you find yourself pushing those you love away instead of drawing them closer?

Your Motivation Monday Encouragement is to take the time to draw your loved ones closer to you giving them an unexpected meaningful hug today. 

Hold them tightly showing them you still love them despite all you have been through.

It is never to late to not only tell your family and friends you love them, but to give them the “greatest gift”,  by showing them.

Give the gift of a “heartfelt hug” today. 

“Even the smallest act of kindness is a great gift for a longing heart. This Christmas make everyone close to you feel loved and give them big heartfelt hugs.” 

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