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Relationships Cultivate Happiness

Relationships Cultivate Happiness

Nurture Your Relationships and Friendships

Christmas Encouragement
December 11, 2017

F2C4E976-A72D-4A3E-A5E7-45E41E5F0C08During this Christmas season do not allow the busy holiday season consume you to the point you forget to nurture your relationships and friendships.

It is easy to get so consumed by the shopping, party planning, Christmas school programs, dance recitals, office parties, and more, that we forget to take the time to remember those people who bring us joy and happiness all through the year, our relationships with family and friends.

If this reminder touches your heart today, consider this challenge, send off a random thinking of you text or make the time to call your loved one and tell them you love them and have been thinking of them. 

This simple task produces a joy and happiness through the words and feelings of knowing you were thought of. Share that joy and happiness today with your special people in your life. By doing so, you will experience the same happiness in return.

Merry Christmas🎄!


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