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Rest and Breathe Today

Christmas Encouragement

December 27, 2017

278CDB7C-F13D-46BB-B2BD-023F7216F434Is today one of those days where it is taking you all day to get your simplest of daily tasks done?

You are not alone.

I am finding today one of those days where I do a task and then I need a break. I do another task and need another break.

Are you also having this kind of day? I suspect the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season has caught up to me leaving me feeling exhausted.

I am trying to not feel guilty for having a day where a soft warm blanket and a book or my iPad makes me happy.

I am certain many of us are finding ourselves in the same situation.

Although I am not good at taking my own advice, I would tell you to give in to your tired body and take the day to sit back and relax before the busyness of life sets back in.

Take today to just…. Breathe. 

Your mind and body will thank you for it later.


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