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Find Your Laughter

Encouragement Today

January 5, 2018

Today’s Encouragement is to motivate you to take some time truly seek your smile and do something that will make you laugh.

All to often life becomes difficult and serious when the weight of the world is on you, but by finding something  to laugh, a physical, out loud laugh, your journey to healing will begin.

When you engage in the physical act of laughing, it will amaze you how good it will feel and give you the desire to seek more opportunities to laugh more.

I discovered this yesterday when we got hit by the Blizzard of 18’. My dog loves the snow, but where we live it doesn’t snow often. It just lightened my heart to be outside in the cold air watching and physically laughing at him play in the snow.

I just really want to thank God for bringing this experience back to me. I love to laugh and have fun, but when life is so hard it is easy to loose.

Today’s Encouragement is to actively seek something that brings joy and laughter to your life. Feel free to share the experience  in the comments block below so we can share in your joy.

Enjoy your moment of happiness today. 

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