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Journey of Change

Encouragement Today

January 7, 2018



When was the last time you sat down in a quiet spot and truly examined your life?


Are you where you dreamt you would be at this time?

Have you met personal goals you set for yourself?

Have you been distracted by unforeseen life events?

Today’s Encouragement is to sit down in a quiet place, with your favorite “comfort” drink, a notebook, and your bible and seek God for wisdom in how your life should look at this moment as well as into your future.

Begin your journey by asking God…

  • Where does He want you to be at this time in your life?

Does He want you to start a professional career? Does He want you to go back to college? Does He want you to leave your job to come home and take care of your children and your family? Does He want you to start a home business? Does He want you to retire at this time? Does He want you to take care of your elderly parents?

Everyone’s circumstances are different so there is no telling what His expectations are for you, but if you spend some time in prayer, God will reveal to you what He is expecting you to do with your life now.

  • How has your personality developed over the past years?

How has life’s challenges and hardships shaped your personality?

Has your heart become hardened or angry as a result living in a difficult situation or have you maintained a calm and quiet spirit through it all?

Ask God to show you how you are to adjust and strengthen your character to become the person He wants you to be as a result of the hardships you have faced in life?

  • Lastly, ask God to honestly show you the wisdom He wants you to learn, so you can become the person He wants you to be, as He prepares you for the future.

If you take this time to reevaluate where you are then God will bless you with the wisdom you need to form new life goals for a brighter and better future.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle 

Do not fall into the trap that you can not change because there is always room for change in everyone’s life. Please do not fall into a life trap of survival. God never entended for your life to be boring or difficult.

His intentions are for us to blossom and flourish and to share His light through our lives.

If you are not blossoming at this time, consider this as a time to make some changes to make a more fulfilling life; one you are happy and proud to live.

This wont be easy, my friend, but it will be worth it when you reclaim a life you want to happily live.


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