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Are You Sharing or Receiving Your Value?

Encouragement Today


Today’s Encouragement is coming again from the character trait of value through the power of humility.

I believe these work together in today’s reminder because many people fall in the trap of believing their value is reversed in this situation.

Many people determine their “value” based on what they receive and not what they give.

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.  Albert Einstein

I think this seen in two common areas in life. We see it in those who lack self-worth and in the people who are in leadership positions.

I believe the people who lack self-worth fall into this trap because they do not see their own worth and value in what they give to others.

They do not see the value their life offers to others. As a result their life becomes about what they receive rather then what they give because they become so focused on what they are not receiving from others instead of what they do receive.

For these people, a cycle of negativity begins and they become pessimistic. When the cycle of pessimism continues, they see their worth only as valuable as what they receive and not what they share with others.

When this occurs, it becomes an emotionally dangerous cycle, but if this person could identify this is occurring, it could be changed and they could learn to live a much more gratifying life.

They would be able see and share their value with others again.

The second category I list are those who are in leadership positions. I believe this occurs because of a reversed logic.

This person becomes arrogant in believing they are so good in their job and in life that others are to share things such as respects and materialism with them. This allows them to believe their value is based on what others do for them and not what they share with others.

As a result, this person looses the value of what their life has to give for a completely different reason.

In this situation, humility would begin the healing process. Once they become more humble, they would be able to see their own “real” value and would learn that sharing it with others is a more fulfilling feeling then always receiving it from others.

There are many more situations where people loose their ability to see their value, but I felt God wanted me to focus on these two groups today.

I am not sure if this affects any of you today, but if it does, today’s challenge is to seek God and ask Him how you can reverse this role and experience the wonderful feeling of sharing your value then to receive it all the time. 


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