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Turning Your Winter Into Spring

Encouragement Today

BF3FB7C3-6007-4B19-8517-328016A7EEF0Are you struggling with a pain that runs so deep in your soul that you have lost your passion in life?

Do you wonder how you would ever be happy again?

Do you wonder how you will ever heal from the pain that just makes your heart ache so badly that you just can’t break free from it?

Does the pain consume your every waking moment, so much so, you don’t even remember a day without it?

My friend, I am here to encourage you there will be a day without pain. There will be a day where it won’t consume you. There will be a day where you will have the strength to break free from it’s bondage and find your passion for life again.

The key to your recovery and healing will be to take that painful, yet precious first step to walk away from it. 

Once you start taking those precious baby steps forward, you will begin to find your dreams and your passions in life again. You will begin to feel the warmth of a bright spring day sun on your face again. You will begin to see the bright and cheerful colors you see only in the spring after a long winter season.

When pain consumes our lives we find ourselves living in a state of winter, where we only know how cold life is and how painful it is when we only see through the lenses of black and white filters.

My friend, allow yourself to heal. Allow yourself to be free from this pain that has consumed you for all this time. 

Take that precious step forward and find your dreams and passions in life again.

You are worth it!  You deserve it! You Are Enough! 



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