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Prayers Touch Hearts

3BD5BB64-4865-4506-9D50-BB4CB185E23CTo everyone who has prayed us through the past couple of difficult days, thank you. Your prayers are being felt. BJ touched many lives in his little world. I am deeply touched to know he was loved by so many. 🐾💜🐾

He is deeply missed in our family, right down to Shadow who is having a great deal of difficulty processing his loss.

It looks like my next few days will consist of giving him lots of extra love ❤️, security to know we are not leaving him, (like his brother did), and a lot of extra treats to make his grieving a little bit more bearable.

FD8AD2C7-6738-4171-B400-6E0EF696219DI am extremely thankful for our family friends for having the advanced knowledge to send out a set of Bark Boxes because this months will help to break the horror Shadow has in his mind of boxes now. This months box will be an extra extra special box. Thank you for loving Shadow enough to make him a happy little boy.

B6C58C3E-91BD-4BEE-BA8D-1F70A1429EADThank you for all the prayers and I ask you to continue as the days and weeks to come have to be lived with out my precious Little Guy. We have a huge void in our hearts and can’t wait for that void to be filled by his memories and not the pain of his loss. 🐾💜🐾


5 thoughts on “Prayers Touch Hearts”

    1. We have discovered now our cat and German Shepard are becoming better friends (if Friends is the appropriate word). They are both lonely onesomes as we lost our cats sister and he misses her and Shadow our German Shepard lost his buddy. Now they are giving it a shot to be friends. Praying it works. We wanted them all to like/love each other.


      1. When Little Bit past I got Stubs because Eazel seemed so only it broke my heart and there happy and play. Eazel was zooming through the house like he had a double dose of geritol the day Stubs arrived he was so happy.

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      2. I am so sorry. I have tried to reply to this comment and now I have no idea if I have or I haven’t as I have clicked several times buttons that I don’t know I have pushed. Between my “Shadow” and my e haustion, I have no idea what my fingers are doing. Hugs through my mess 💜.


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