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Maximizing The Life of Your Bananas

Life Hack 101

Maximizing The Life of Your Bananas

E8F9FD00-B5F6-4950-9541-0A60AB286B97Do you ever buy a bunch of bananas that are a beautiful shade of bright yellow but find in only a couple of days they have brown spots all over them?

Try this trick when you buy them and you will get a few extra days of freshness in them before they start growing brown spots and get soft.

5FD513C4-D198-4B59-BCAD-BFAFD523BBF7After you buy your banana and bring them home, immediately separate them from the stock and let them rest individually. They will stay ripe for a few more days.


4 thoughts on “Maximizing The Life of Your Bananas”

    1. I have done the green one, but didn’t know about the bag. That is cool too. This method really works well for me too, thankfully. This way we actually have the time to eat all the bananas unlike when I leave them bunched together.


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