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Touching Lives Through Respect

Encouragement Today

9BC08354-416A-400F-88E5-19118C600705Has a stranger or someone you know touched your heart by a gesture of respect or love?

Do not disregard this simple gesture. God uses His people to touch the lives of others and to meet each individual exactly where they are in need.

I remember clearly how much a total stranger touched my daughter’s heart. She was going into a store and as she was walking up to the door she heard this voice from behind her telling her to not open the door, he would open it. It took her by surprise, but she honored his wish. Then when they got into the foyer, he told her again to not open the door, he would get it as well.

She was in total amazement that a total stranger would go out of their way to show her this simple act of respect and kindness, that she was sure to tell me when she got back in the car.

When she was done telling me this story, she followed that up by saying people are not like this to her. Most people are rude, disrespectful, and often times, down right ugly. This was such a surprise to her, she almost didn’t know what to do with this kind gesture.

How pathetic is it that my daughter is so programmed to be treated disrespectfully that when she is treated with respect she is taken by surprise?

Today’s challenge is to remind you to show a simple gesture of respect to others. This can be as easy as letting someone into traffic or by holding the door for someone. If you are standing in the check out line and you have a number of things, considered letting the person behind you with only one thing go ahead of you.

Prayerfully consider areas in your life where you might have it easier than someone else and touch their life in that area. How about doing a pay-it-forward. Do you go to your favorite coffee shop daily? Consider paying for the person behind you and brighten their day.

God uses us daily in ways we may never know, but today I am challenging you to show a simple gesture of respect on purpose. Be that extra shining light to a person’s potentially dark day. 

I think you will be amazed by how many people will appreciate your simple gesture today.

I am personally touched by people who take the time to share a simple smile or a kind word. I am thankful for the driver who lets me out into traffic. I am touched by the gentleman who treats me with respect by simply holding the door for me.

These are simple gestures but ones that can make the difference between someone experiencing a good day or a bad day.

My friend, be the light of God in today’s dark world.



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