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Feeling Doubtful and Discouraged

Encouragement Today

design-59Are you struggling today sweet mom or dad? Are you feeling defeated? Are you lost without the words to say to your kids to encourage them? Are you lost for the words to pray over them?

Are you struggling with being new parents to a new-born or a newly adopted baby or child and you are sleep deprived and just exhausted from the new experience of your sweet and precious baby?

Are you a foster parent trying to foster a child who came from a broken home and you are seeing and feeling the pain they are experiencing, but you are lost in what to do to make their situation better or what step comes next to make them feel safe and secure in their new home?

My encouragement this morning is to remind you are doing a great job. With every passing day this will get a bit easier. Hang in there and savor every moment of every day. You won’t regret these are precious days of bonding time. God will guide you with the daily wisdom you need to care for this child and how to meet their every need as they arise. 

Are you an older parent watching your teenage and adult children make poor or difficult decisions and you are feeling helpless as you try to help them, but are struggling because you can not?

Are they struggling with…

  • peer pressures and bullying?
  • where to work or what they want to do with their life?
  • decisions of whether they should go to college or go in the Military?
  • career choices after college, what job will be a great start or where to live?
  • relationship issues whether they are healthy or unhealthy?
  • alcohol or drug abuse?

The list is simply endless to what our older children can be experiencing and all of them can be extremely difficult for a parent to watch them navigate through. All of them are difficult for a parent to sit on the sidelines and watch if you have been pushed away. Hang in there dear friend and know your God above is watching their every move. Nothing they are going through is a surprise to Him. Seek His Heavenly council over them while trusting their care and life to Him.

My encouragement this morning is to remind you are doing a great job. Hang in there dear parent and cling to the hope your Heavenly Father sees everything and nothing they are going through is a surprise. Turn your anxiety over to God and let Him comfort you through this trial while you continuously seek Him for guidance and wisdom to share with your children. 

Are you struggling with a child who has medical issues? It does not matter how severe or insignificant it may seem, no one wants to watch their child struggle with such issues. Every parent wishes for their child to be happy and healthy, but when medical obstacles breach that safety net, all too often at this point life becomes challenging and you find yourself weak and often times questioning God and others as to why.

My encouragement this morning is to remind you are doing a great job. Turn to God my friend and allow Him to show you wisdom and discernment while providing you with the comfort and strength you need to get through this trying time. God is holding your child in His arms, no matter how old they are. Continue to pray wisdom over their doctors and by doing this you will have the reassurance in them knowing there has been prayer over their decisions. 

There are so many more issues as parents we can find ourselves in, but these are the few God brought to my attention this morning and wanted me to share with you today. It is my hope and desire that this encouragement truly reaches those it is meant to reach.

It is also my prayer as you read this that it touches the lives it is meant to touch. There were so many distractions as I wrote it that I believe the enemy does not want me to write it or post it.

Hang in there my sweet friend and know you are not alone as you travel down these difficult roads. There are so many other people out there who are going through either the same thing or similar circumstances that have them equally worn out, weak and vulnerable. Please feel free to reach out here if you are in need of some extra comfort while you struggle with your difficult situation.

It will be my prayer if you do that others will reach out stating they know exactly what you are going through and you are able to touch each other’s hearts with a healing comfort of peace and encouragement.

Please feel free to leave a comment below even if you do not want to talk about your circumstances, but just want some extra prayer. I believe we don’t always need to know what we are praying for in order for God to hear us. He knows each and every one of us personally, so He knows of your situation without others needing to know.

Stay Strong and Know You Are Braver Than You Think.


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