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Look For The Good, Do Not Be Consumed ByThe Bad

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday


Today’s Encouragement and Motivation comes with a challenge to open your heart to see through the difficulties life throws your way.

“What you hold in your heart, you will see in your world.” Ralph Marston.

There is truth to this simple statement. How many times does it seem like as the struggles continue to mount, life seems to spin out of control? It is because you are on heightened alert for this struggle.

  • Have you experienced financial difficulties and you see them all around?
  • Have you almost lost your home and see homelessness all around?
  • Have you battled a health issue and you see the similarities of others all around?
  • Do you battle a chronic illness and you see others who have similar illnesses all around?
  • Are you in a difficult relationship and see others in similar relationships all around?

My friend, this is because you are emotionally in tuned to these hardships. What is in your heart is what you tend to be looking for whether it be at a conscious or a subconscious level.

Today’s challenge and motivation is to break through this barrier and look past what you are struggling with to see the positive things in life that have been overshadowed by difficulties all around.

If you are tired or even exhausted from dealing with these trials, turn it around today. Take some time to look for things that make you happy. When you make a conscious effort to look for things that are good, you will begin to see them again and you will be encouraged to look for more. Once you see these and they take root in your life, life will begin to look a little brighter giving you the courage to move through your difficulty without it consuming you any longer.

You can do it! Look up and smell the roses. Life will begin to look happier when you do.

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