Encouragement Today, Journey, Weak

Leave Your Worries In The Past

Encouragement Today and Weekend Reminder

24B278FD-2A70-4A07-A792-D51835E0C1CA.pngToday’s image is a simple reminder to find rest this weekend.

“Leave all your troubles in the past and have a wonderful weekend ahead.”

Unknown Author

With this being Easter weekend, it is my prayer you take the time to sit back and reflect on the real meaning of Easter. Look beyond the eggs, the bunnies, and the bonnets, and examine the relationship you have with God.

My friend, take this holiday weekend and find your time of relaxation and reflection. Reflect back to why God sent His Son to the cross to die and rise again three days later. Why would He do this for you and me? How has this changed your life?

It is my prayer you will find a peace in your revelation allowing you to sit back and truly relax this weekend. Allow God the time to provide you with the needs and desires of your heart and through this you will find a restoration you need in your life.

Happy Easter Weekend, My Friend!

Disclaimer, I edited this posting from last night. I was unable to stay awake when I was trying to write it from pure exhaustion. Please forgive me for writing such an incomplete post.

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