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Focus On Truths Not On Falsehoods

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design-92How many times has something not gone the way you thought it should? Did you expect a phone call, text, or message from someone and did not receive it? How many time did you have a meeting planned with someone, but they did not show up?

What did your mind tell you? Did you automatically think, “What did I do wrong? Did I say something to offend them?” Those are thoughts your mind goes to most times, but in fact, if you were to examine them for truths or falsehoods, which one would be the truth? The truth would be this has nothing to do with you. If you had just listened to your heart you would have gone to the truth from the beginning, but when we think from our minds, we tend to over think the circumstances and turn them back on ourselves.

“Look to your heart for the truth, not to your mind. Your mind often distorts the truth into lies.” Author Unknown

My friend, if you struggle in this area, my challenge today is to examine situations and evaluate how do you react to them? Do you tend to think what did I do wrong? If so, try to refocus from the falsehood to the truth that this is not about you. You need to take some time to retrain your mind to listen to your heart first. Your heart will know the truth most times.

Take a chance on focusing on the power of truthfulness over listening to power of falsehoods.

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