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Living A Life Of Freedom Wrapped In Happiness

Encouragement Today

Today’s Encouragement is inspired by this quote,

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.” Frank Tyger

Life may be wrought with hardships, but I encourage you to see where your freedom and happiness is within you.

Are you liking what you are doing? Are you doing what makes you happy?

My friend, today’s encouragement is coming in the form of a challenge. Take some time to evaluate where your life is today. Are you living a life of true freedom and happiness? These are not overrated feelings. They are what makes life truly worth living. They give us hope when life is dark. They give us faith when life is difficult and they give us direction when we feel like we have lost our way.

Look within your heart and see if freedom and happiness have taken root and given you a true purpose. If they have not, consider making the necessary changes to allow them to be absorbed into your spirit so they can reside in your heart.

Life is too short for you to not experience them in your soul.

Make room for freedom and happiness in your life.

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