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Choices In Life Are Yours

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday

Today’s Encouragement is a reminder to examine the choices you are making in life. Everyone makes a choice that will determine how well their day will go or how well life is going.

“Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is a choice, choose well.”

Today is a great day to look at the choices you are making. Look at the busyness and stress in your life and determine if you are happy with the choices you are making.

My friend, if you are busy, but you do not like it, start saying no to some activities. It is not only okay to say no, it is healthy to say no. This is a choice, it is your choice.

Stand strong if you see stress has consumed you as a result constant conflict. Allow yourself the time to breathe and make the choice to be happy despite everything that is going on. Make the choice to remain happy even if your circumstances want to rob you of this joy.

Everything in life boils down to a series of choices. You can choose to remain strong or cave into the pressure. You can choose to remain calm when stress wants to consume you. You can choose to retain a slower life when busyness wants to consume your every minute.

My friend, do not let the powers of life rob you of your ability to make choices. They are yours and yours only. Stand strong and stand firm and do not allow anything to rob you of your choices you make in your life.

Stand strong, be firm, and be bold. Your choices are yours only!

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