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Rest Is Necessary

Encouragement Today and Weekend Reminder

Did you have a long week? If you did, be sure to take some time to decompress. I promise you burnout is not a fun place to be. It takes everything you have out of you leaving you drained and exhausted.

Protect yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to prevent this from occurring because once it sets in, it is so much harder to take care of your loved one when you have nothing left to give.

Take the time this weekend to reset and allow yourself the time to breathe again. Rest your mind, clear it, and allow it to heal from all you have been through.

Even God instructed us to rest because He knew when He created us that we would only be able to handle so much physically and mentally before we broke. Listen to your body, My Friend! Allow it to rest so your week to come will be much easier for you to get through.

I am praying you have a restful weekend!

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