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Do Not Let Labels Define You

Encouragement Today

design-121As we were driving down the road to go to another doctor appointment for my daughter I was thinking about all she has been through over the past couple of years. I was thinking about all the pain she has endured and all the sickness she has experienced, but because she is such a medical mystery she has not been labeled with a “formal” one problem diagnosis.

She has various issues which she struggles with, but not one formal diagnosis which ties it all together. As frustrating as this can be, I think in the long run it has helped her.

She knows she doesn’t feel good and she knows she is always in pain of some form or another, but there is not one thing she looks at and says, “Why me? Why do I have this diagnosis? Why doesn’t God heal me of this _________?”

As a result of this, she does not allow herself to be identified by a label and she does not allow herself to be limited by her label either.

She gets up every morning ready to conquer the day. Whether she is to battle a day of pain or sickness, a day of school work, or if she will go to work with a fresh mind. To her, every day is its own day, but for her, it is a day that will not be based on the limits of her diagnosis.

I think of this because I recently had a discussion with someone who does have a diagnosed medical issue and they allow themselves to be limited by their diagnosis. They allow that label to not only define who they are, but they allow it to run their life.

Today’s encouragement is to provoke you to think about what hinders you in life? Do you battle a disease, a handicap, or a hardship that has caused your life to change? Have you allowed something in your life to change who you are or what you have wanted to do with your life?

My friend, think about what labels you have attached to yourself? Take some time to think about how those labels have changed or limited your ability to live your life to the fullest?

Do not allow your chronic illness, PTSD, amputation, MS, cancer, homelessness or whatever you can fill in the blank _________ with, hinder you from living the life you wished to have for yourself.

Look at your label today, identify it, and tell it, “No more ___________ (place your label here) I will not allow you to run me for I am regaining control over my life.

My Friend, you are stronger, braver, and more courageous than any label you have that is controlling your life. Take control back.

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