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God Is Our Hope In The Darkness

Encouragement Today

design-126Where do the words come from when the words have been lost?

Where do the tears come from when they have dried up?

Where does the love come from when it has been replaced with emotions that are less than desirable?

Where does rest come from when it has been consumed by worry?

Where does faith come from when it has been replaced by fear?

Where does trust come from when it has been torn apart by broken promises?

Where does your struggle hide? Is it in any of these or is it in something different?

My Friend, I am here to give you the assurance hope can be found in one constant variable that is always there no matter how bad everything can go. This variable is found in God. God is with you at every turn, right or wrong. He is with you through all the ups and downs of life. He remains faithful even when we are not faithful to Him.

Look to God today if you are in need of some encouragement. Turn your worries and concerns over and allow Him to guide you. Spend some time with Him and allow His peace to consume you from everything going on.

Be encouraged today by knowing that no matter how dark life can get, God is always standing by your side, holding you up when you are weak, and guiding every weary step you take. Let Him have your worries and struggles today. 

Take the day off my friend, God has everything under control!

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