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Just Be Held

20170329_164542629_iOSAs I was researching this morning I stumbled on this song Casting Crowns – Just Be Held but I did not apply to what I was researching, however, I felt God tugging at my heart to post it anyway.

I know He intends to use this to encourage someone and if you are the one, I hope it provides the comfort you are in need of at this moment.

Hugs to you, my hurting friend.

Pain seems to be all around, but remember you do not have to allow it to consume you. Stand tall and know your God is bigger than anything going on in your life. 

Lastly, remember you are…

  • beautiful
  • caring
  • loving
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • thoughtful
  • spirited
  • wise
  • loyal
  • and…. You are ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Just Be Held”

    1. I completely agree with you on the matter of perspective. I am there with you.
      How funny as well that you said the person who needs it will see it. I had just got done saying that to my daughter as I was trying to pull something completely different together. We will pray together that it touches the heart/hearts God intends for it to reach. I hope you have a great day and thank you for taking the time to share your input with me. I find comments encouraging. 🙂

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