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One Step At A Time and Breathe

Encouragement Today


DesignToday’s encouragement is for the person who seems so overwhelmed by life and you just want to collapse into a puddle of mush.

My prayer is that you will feel the hand of God cover you with a sense of peace which you can not begin to explain.

This is for the person today who…

  • is hiding your tears behind the disguise of a fake smile… breathe.
  • is a caregiver to a family member whose exhaustion is beyond understanding… breathe.
  • is a young mom to children and you are weary all the way down to your bones… breathe.
  • is a young mom to a child with medical issues and you are frazzled trying to research the latest and greatest information about your child’s medical difficulties… breathe.
  • is a wife or a husband to a spouse who has medical issues and you are just exhausted in trying to help them through their time of medical need… breathe.
  • is a widow or widower who is overwhelmed by the simple day-to-day tasks which you find you have no idea how to do… breathe.
  • is a single parent who just feels like giving up because you can not do it all. You can not be both parents and you are overwhelmed by the simple and difficult tasks of being a single parent… breathe.
  • is a person who is trying to find the time to maintain running your own home, but you are torn in trying to help your aging parents as well… breathe.
  • is that person who is trying to maintain your home both inside and outside and there just is not enough time in the day to do it all… breathe.
  • is the person who is on your hands and knees changing diapers, scrubbing floors, weeding flower beds and the tears of being overwhelmed are just running down your face… breathe.

Life is hard and I do not know anyone who is not struggling with the challenges of life while trying to keeping up with everything, but I am here to remind you that you are doing an amazing job. Do not beat yourself up by what you are not able to get done or finish. Find a place of self-satisfaction knowing you did the best job you know how to do because I know you did! Hold your head up high and you are doing an amazing job! 

My friend, my encouragement to you today is to remember you are not alone. Your God is with you. He is…

  • your source of strength
  • your comforter
  • your peacemaker
  • your source of wisdom and guidance.  
  • your cheerleader

He sees your tears, He knows your pain, He sees your heart. Be honest with Him. Pour your heart out and allow yourself to release your penned up emotions so you can feel the peace that passes all understanding which only God can provide for you.

Lastly, today I want you to tackle the day or finish your day knowing you only have to put one foot in front of the other. What gets done, gets done. You can not do any more than you know you can do. Breathe my friend, breathe. You can do any and all things through your God who will strengthen you. 

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