Journey, Life, Update, Weariness


20180501_024629114_iOSI hope this finds everyone having a nice day.

We had storms roll through last night dropping some much-needed rain and now the sun is shining and drying up all the wetness that is lying all around.

I apologize that I do not have an encouraging thought for the day. I took my advice from yesterday and decided today I needed to “breathe”. I needed a morning off from my blog, my new business, from doctors appointments and errands.

Today was suppose to be a very busy morning with a doctor appointment first thing but it ended up rescheduled at the last minute. So with exhaustion having set in, I seized the ability to just breathe this morning.

I did want to remind those of you who have mothers though to not forget her special day is this coming Sunday. If you still need to get a card or a special gift, do not forget to grab it today.

So with this having been said, I am going to get back off here and do a bit more decompression before jumping into some business work.

Have a fabulous Friday, My Friends!!

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