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Celebrating Moms Today


It is Mother’s Day!

Today is a special day, a day when we celebrate our moms.

Whether your mom is alive or she has passed, celebrate her today for without her, you would not be here. Here are some quick thoughts I have on motherhood.

Motherhood is…

  • Loves you beyond imagination
  • Dries the tears of the boo-boos to the broken hearts
  • Stands guard without being seen
  • Is supportive beyond the words you know to speak
  • Advocates for you until she wins the battle
  • Educates you to success (without giving up)
  • Holds your hand through all the pains to the successes of life
  • Cries behind closed doors
  • Shows constant perseverance through exhaustion and endless energy

These are just some of the things that come to mind when I think about what motherhood is and if I were to describe what it means to me.

My friend, many of you have been blessed to know and love a mom who has these traits, while I am also aware many have not. To those who have a beautiful and loving mother, cherish her and show her how she has touched your life in a meaningful way. Those words will be better than any bouquet of flowers or gift you could give her.

To those whose mom is no longer here, hugs to you for the pain and void you may have in your heart today. Cherish your memories and hold them close to your heart.

To those whose mom was not all, she should have been or could be, know moms are not perfect. They make mistakes that sometimes hold irreversible effects, but today is a day that maybe you could seek wisdom to see through the pain and forgive her for the absence she left in your heart. Hugs to you as well, as the pain you feel is real and runs deep within you. Consider reaching down into your heart for just today (if this is all you are able to do) and love her for being your mom and for giving birth to you. It will help to heal the brokenness of your heart.

Mother’s Day is a day where depending on your relationship can be either a joyous day or a day of deep sorrow, but no matter how you feel, your mom was still your mom and if you are able to see her for that, then celebrate her for that today.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms!! It is my deepest and sincerest prayer your day is a special one and you feel equally special as well.

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