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Engage In Even The Hardest of Activities

Encouragement Today

Today’s inspiration is to remind you no matter how hard life may be, to show up and engage in the activity you wish to not be a part of because you never know when God will bless you for your faithfulness and obedience.

“Life isn’t always… fun, easy, pretty, nice, or convenient but… show up anyway, for you never know when God will bless you for your presence.” Author Unknown

There are many times in life when you may find yourself tired from a hard day of work, exhausted from the demands of life, and discouraged from ongoing trials that keep you weighed down, but I am here to remind you to stay present when you just want to shut down.

I want to gently remind you to show up and engage if you feel God is leading you to attend the activity. You have no idea when or how God can and will bless you with your faithfulness and your obedience.

Have a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “Engage In Even The Hardest of Activities”

  1. I feel like this all the time. Exhausted, fed up and tired from a daily routine. Eat. Work. Sleep. Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is, why I am here. And I still couldn’t find the answer. Very raw kind of writing. I liked it.

    Please try to follow my blog page if you don’t mind. Thanks! 👏😊

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    1. I hear you so much! I seriously struggle with this all the time. This is actually how I was inspired to write this one. Hang in there and just one step it at a time. Are you off for a long weekend? If so, take some time to breathe and as you are up to it baby step your way through things that have been bothering you. One step does lead to another and one project becomes two as you just baby step your way through. Hugs!! Praying you get some much needed down time. 💜


      1. Yes. I agree. I just have to breathe, meditate and take a long warm bath. Ha ha. I saw your post and I’m like “That’s how I feel all the time, bugger” Haha! 😊


      2. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one too. I struggled just this morning to keep my tears held back for being overwhelmed with everything I do. Just know you are not alone. I think that is half the battle to succeeding this overwhelming battle. Yes, get a warm bath with your favorite relaxing music. Grab your fav snack and a fav book or movie and just decompress. It is healthy and sounds like much needed.


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