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Take The Time To… Rest

Encouragement Today and Weekend Reminder

This is your weekend reminder to take time out to provide yourself some down time.

  • Take the time to enjoy your family, your friends, and your life.
  • Take some time to breathe in and breathe out and open your eyes to enjoy the first thing you see.
  • Open your eyes to the beauty of what surrounds you. Does that mean you see the beauty of your spouse that you have become so accustomed to, that you see no longer? Does that mean you see a cute puppy and all you can think to say is, “Awe, how cute”? The key is that you see the beauty your life holds dear to you.
  • Take the time to see the smile and hear the laughter of your children that are surrounds you.
  • Take the time to be still and if you are outside and listen for the chirping of the birds. Allow their beautiful songs to bring you peace you may not have felt all week.
  • Take the time to simply enjoy the peacefulness of your relaxation.

Lastly, the most important reminder this weekend is to allow your mind, body, and soul to rest and relax. You have permission to stop and take care of yourself.

Happy Weekend!

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