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Transformation Through Refinement

Encouragement Today

While I was making this sign yesterday I watched how it was transformed from an ordinary raw piece of wood into something pretty and while I observed this, God brought to my mind several times the word, “Transformation”.

As I began sanding this rough board that was full of splinters, bark, as well as a knot, God brought to my mind how this board was a reflection of our lives. Each rough spot and each flaw represented our personality and the mistakes we make in our lives. As I sanded this board down the flaws were no longer pronounced, they were smooth and although some faults were still there, they were made beautiful. The rough bark was no longer ugly, it added character and the knot, although it did not go away, it added a beauty to the wood as well. Every rough spot in this board was now soft and beautiful. The act of sanding is a form of refinement thus making this old board appear together new again.

This is no different than what we experience in our own lives. The trials and hardships are like the sander to this board. The trials work to smooth out our personality and works to refine our character into something that is nicer and more beautiful than what it was before the trials and hardships happened.

When time has passed and the trials are behind you, take a step back and look at all you have been through. Observe each step starting at the beginning and see the progress you have made.

You started out with rough spots that were less than desirable, but after being sanded and refined, our Creator “transformed” you into something beautiful just as this rough board was transformed into a beautiful sign.

Take the time to observe how your life is similar to this sign. Have your trials and hardships transformed who you to who you are today?

Lastly, be thankful for how God has refined you. Refinement is never easy, but the results are always beautiful.

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