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The Waves of Tranquility

Encouragement Today


design-176Today’s inspiration is coming to you via a video taken yesterday when we were at the beach. It is fifteen seconds of tranquility if you love the sound of the ocean.

We were able to take advantage of an absolutely beautiful day and meet up with a friend at the beach. We enjoyed being able to sit back and enjoy God’s beautiful sunshine, perfectly warm temperatures with the sound of the rough surf in the background.

Take some time to find your place of tranquility. Does it look the same as a walk on the beach after work? Is it listening to soft music while you are at work? Do you love a fresh bouquet of flowers? Do you love spending quiet time with your significant other or your fur-real friends? It does not matter what this is to you. All that matters is that you enjoy your place of tranquility today.

Enjoy your moment of peace.

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