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Beach Waves

I am popping in after a very long week. I am so thankful the end of the week is upon us and when I awake in the morning we have no where to be.

I am sorry for not posting anything all week. It has been a week of late nights and early mornings and busy days in between.

I am a proud momma and happy to announce that my Kiddo is now officially enrolled in college full time. This was not something she was prepared to do yet because we still have to figure out how to manage and maintain her chronic migraines, but in order to keep our health insurance, it was necessary.

She is such a trooper in all she does and goes through. To see her struggle like she does, but doesn’t give up just impresses me beyond words.

She still has a few more hurdles to jump through, but to have accomplished all she did this week makes this momma a very proud one.

So as we close out the week I am going to leave you with a thirty-second clip of some peace and tranquility (in case you are in need of some like we were).

It is my hope that you had a wonderful week, but in case you did not, maybe this will brighten your night some.

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