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Beach Spikes

HL&E Designs is adding our Beach Spikes to our shop.

Place your order today. They cost $15.00 plus $4.95 (S&H)

They come fully customized and personalized.

(Disclaimer… Above photo, Yeti not included, but we can personalize one if you wish as we customize and personalize tumblers. We use RTIC tumblers if you would like to order one. We can order and customize a Yeti if you would like. We also make a decal if you wish to add to your already purchased tumbler. I will be adding these to their respective pages. If you would like one, comment below and I can answer your questions or process those orders as well.)

For the person who has never heard of a beach spike this is what it is.

“These beach Spikes are awesome! My 30oz Yeti filled with ice and tea can be rather heavy, so I was impressed with how sturdy it is. These can also be used to hold your keys and phone out of the sand.” ~MKB

Do you need a gift idea for a relative or a friend who loves the beach?

You can customize them by interchanging the graphic design to you color of choice and you can add your monogram or initials if you desire.

If you have a favorite color and wish to order it request it and we can see if we can get it as well. They come in lots of colors. These are just the three we have on hand.

Place your order today. They cost $15.00 plus $4.95 (S&H)

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