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God Moves Mountains To Pebbles


Encouragement Today

design-202Today’s encouragement is to provide you with hope to keep going forward during the difficult times.

“You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” Author Unknown

God will give you the courage, hope, and faith to keep moving forward to move that mountain.

It does not matter if life is easy or if life is difficult, everyone has a mountain in their life that stands in their way and needs to be moved to the side in order to move forward.

Does your mountain look like…

  • A difficult co-worker or a hard professor?
  • Your mortgage or student loan you have been trying to pay off?
  • A medical bill which will never be paid off?
  • A tough school class that has you sinking in logarithms or papers you need to write?
  • A difficult medical journey you are facing?
  • The difficulty of raising children?

My friend, it does not matter what your mountain looks like, but with God standing beside you, He will provide you with hope, faith, and courage to move this mountain out of your way.

Stand tall and strong and look head-on at this mountain or your obstacle knowing you will not be defeated by this struggle. In God’s timing, this will be removed from your view and you will be able to run past it with the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride knowing you did not give up.

Stand firm knowing God will turn your mountain into a mound of pebbles.

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