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Value Is Greater Than Success

Encouragement Today

Today’s encouragement and motivation was inspired by this quote,

“Strive to not be a success, but rather be of value.” Albert Einstein

Today’s challenge is to encourage you to think about what is important to you. What do you live for? What makes you truly happy? What do you strive for?

My friend, I am here to share a gentle reminder that it is wonderful to have goals and dreams because they are what keeps you moving forward. I agree they are important, but do not loose focus on where your value truly is.

It is easy to get so focused on ourselves, our dreams, our goals, and our desires, but when we do, we often times forget there are others who love us, look up to us, and need us while we are spending so much time focusing on ourselves. While we spend this time focusing on our successes we often times forget our value to others.

My friend, I am here to remind you when you are gone, people will remember you for the value you were to them, not the successes you earned and worked so hard for.

People will remember you for the time you spent, the kindness and love you shared with them and others. This should be more important to us than our successes in life.

Have a good week!

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