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Good morning,

Today is a big day for us. In a little while I will be taking my husband to an important doctor appointment and we will see where this colon problem will take him. Will he need another surgery or what is going on?

It is my deep desire to get my blog caught back up and to post daily, but with all that is going on I am finding it hard to find the time. It is also my desire to write and ponder more often as well as provide you with some of the things my daughter and I make. Unfortunately, with everything, it takes time, and that is my struggle right now.

I am doing the best I know how to do. I have people say, “not everything has to be done when you think it does,” so when I do not do something then I’m question why is that not done and so on. It is a no win situation. I can not get ahead.

I am hoping as we spend some time waiting today that I will be able to get caught up on my pages, but I will not promise, as that only gets me in trouble most of the time. It can only state I will try.

If you read this please keep my husband and his doctors in your prayers. We may or may not have to make some important decisions today. Pray me the questions I need to ask to help to gain understanding and assist in the decisions we may need to make.

Thank you for your understanding and the support in not giving up on me during my difficult times. I sincerely appreciate you all.


UPDATE… no answers today. He will have to do a colonoscopy next week to determine if his surgery site has gotten smaller. If it has, it will be a full blown open up surgery to fix it next time. 😪. If that shows everything is ok then he has to have a real CT scan since the one he had last week was not the right one for this problem. He also has to see his GI doctor as it appears there is another problem going on there that needs to be addressed as well.

So as I am updating this post to try to process all of this. I am still sitting here with no answers yet. We have to wait now for these tests to tell us something.

I am just really trying process all of this information while I am just feeling overwhelmed by it all. Fear is trying to take over, but I am trying to fight against it.


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