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Good Night Weekend, Hello Monday

Encouragement Tonight

astronomy dark dawn dusk

As we prepare to go into a new week, it is my prayer God will go ahead of us and pave the way for what we do not know awaits us.
Hugs to those who are struggling during this season in your life. I know God knows about all of it and He is already ahead of us in anything we could try to plan.
For those who are in a relatively easy season where life just seems to be allowing you to coast along, enjoy it. Rest here my friend as I suspect you are either coming out of a difficult time or God may have you preparing for one that is ahead of you at some point.
I am not trying to be doom and gloom on my last sentence, but I remember once I had a pastor tell me we are all experiencing journeys in our lives. We are either in the middle of a hard time, getting ready to go through one, or you just came out of one.
It made so much sense and I have truly witnessed this happen in my own life over the years.
It is, however, my desire to leave you on a much happier note. It is my prayer you were able to get some rest this weekend, or you were able to get some much-needed stuff done. Either way, it happened, I hope you are able to get a good night sleep and are able to start your week off with a wonderful Monday morning.

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