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Loving My Boy

Post Surgery Update from Shadow…

I have maxed out my morning awake time. I need a nap. (I didn’t sleep much last night, basically only from 4-6am). Mommy gave me a snack and my turkey meat (sssshhhh, don’t tell him his meds were hidden inside), and now I am sleepy.

I proved to Mommy though, I may not be with it, but let someone knock on that door and I can protect her with only 3 legs and a half drugged up head. It may take me 3.2 seconds instead of my normal 2.3 seconds to get to the door, but try me, I will run faster than you, if you try to hurt my people.

Mommy is happy with my post surgery progress. The vet called already checking on me and they agreed I am doing well for what I have been through.

My Daddy went to work so it is a quiet day with just my girls. They are giving me tons of love, lots of cuddles and I’m even allowing them to snuggle with me.

My guilty pleasure is when mommy brings a bowl of soft food. Oh, that is my favorite time of the day. She is even letting me eat when I don’t normally, like every couple of hours. A dog could get use to this kind of spoiling, but I am a tough boy, I will be back up and at it with my ball soon (ssshhh, don’t tell him, but the vet wants him to lay low for 7 days). We will take it one day at a time. And today is one where it is one hour at a time.

Life is good for me though. I am very loved. 🐾🖤🐾.

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