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The Rawness of Life


Let The Light Shine Through Your Darkness

I am sorry it has been several days since I last posted. There has been more than “a lot” going on in my family. I have been trying to nurse my dog back to health from his foot surgery. He is doing very well and I received the wonderful news that my baby boy is cancer free. There was nothing detected in the mass that was removed from his paw.

I have also been taking care of my husband who has been sick for over a month. I had him back in the emergency room all night Thursday night. He was finally diagnosed with a different diagnosis from what he has been diagnosed with all month. I held out hope that he would start to feel better until a Saturday night when he felt terrible and I thought we were heading back to the emergency room. Thankfully he did not, but all day yesterday I remained on pins and needles not knowing if we would be going back and as we go into today, I have no assurance we still will not be back. All I can do is pray he does not and his body begins to heal.

If this was not enough, there was worrying about my daughter who has struggled with a two-week migraine. When she went to bed last night she was so happy to be pain-free, that she wanted to enjoy it because when she woke up this morning, there was no guarantee she would remain pain-free. She also struggled with the pain of a sinus infection, which I am happy to report is gone as well. She is still inflamed, but for her, this is normal. We are just relieved to know the infection is gone.

I have been so consumed by all of this going on and the instability of my family’s health, that I lost my ability to provide encouraging and thought-provoking words to share here. I have been seriously struggling with forming any clarity of thought in order to even put any of my words together.

I am praying this week will bring some much-needed stability back into our lives and home and that I will find my clarity of thought to provide you with words of encouragement again.

I am going to leave you with this thought. Are you struggling with a difficult situation as well? It may not look anything like what I am going through, it may be something entirely different, but what matters the most is that you are not “alone” while you experience your difficulty. Please be assured that although I may be preoccupied with my own difficulties, that I am here if you need an ear to talk to. Feel free to leave a comment below and know I will see it. If you wish to keep your comment private, I can honor that wish in my end as well.

Please do not stay trapped in the darkness of your situation. I know from experience how lonely it is to be there. Talk to someone. Release your emotions before they consume you.

Lastly, Remember This Truth…

You are important, you are strong, and you are… enough.

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