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Prepare or Evacuate

Just my 2 cents…. evacuating is not an easy choice to make. Every family has logistics that are unique to their family. Not everyone has a never ending paycheck or savings account.

Not everyone lives where there is someone to go stay with. In this storm going West is not an option unless you go 12-16 hours inland.

Many have pets that need to be considered into the evacuation plan and not everyone has family or friends who can take on additional pets to help you. Many hotels still do not accept them and hotels are in a shortage when millions of people are in need of them.

So to all of those who sit back and advice people to “just evacuate” please keep your opinions to yourself unless you are willing to physically, monetarily, or emotionally assist and get dirty. (This is not intended for those I talked to last night, I know you love me.)

Please reserve the name calling for a different time and venue as well. This IS NOT THE TIME to make those who have to make critical decisions feel any less than they already feel knowing if they leave home, they may not have one to return to.

Life is trying to continue on as this ugly storm approaches and as we prepare or evacuate.

For my prayer warriors, family and friends, pray me the wisdom and guidance to know what to do. Pray me the peace and assurance I need when I have made this important and critical decision.

Prayers are appreciated!!!

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