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Be Brave and Journey On

Encouragement Today

Your daily encouragement today was inspired by this simple quote,

“Be Brave and Journey On”.

Is your day always the same, day in and day out, or is it consistently full of chaos?

Are you a busy mom running after little ones all day long, and you find yourself frazzled and worn out physically and mentally?

Are you a busy working mom or dad who works all day long then runs all night between your kids after school activities?

Are you a busy homeschool parent who is always preparing, teaching, grading, or running your kids between Co-ops, youth activities, and volunteering.

Are you a busy young person trying to work, go to college, and find time to study when there are a spare few minutes?

Are you busy trying to take care of a sick child, a sick spouse, a sick parent, or a sick friend?

Anyone who does this knows how exhausting and often times difficult this task is. Are you a busy person whose job is demanding from the time you get up to the time you basically go to bed?

My friend, no matter what your day looks like, it is your life and God will give you the strength to get through it gracefully.

Be Brave and Journey On!

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