The Progression of Goals

Encouragement Today

design-33Are you stuck in a trap of thinking the goals you made earlier in life are gone and behind you?

My friend, I am here to encourage you and to remind you they are not gone permanently, but I’m also here to remind you they may not look the same as they did in the past. If you are ready to move towards your goals and to move beyond this place you have learned to accept, then I am here to challenge you to step out courageously and have the faith to move forward and be ready to set new goals, if need be.

Think about the comparison I will share to illustrate how your goals could change over time. Think about them as if they were like the leaves on a tree. In the spring the leaves show themselves as tiny little blossoms and with the right amount of water and daylight they mature into healthy green leaves. Our goals are like this. They start out as a small glimmer of hope and continue to change over time similar to these tiny blossoms, and with the right amount of maturity, they will become bigger and more realistic.

As the summer season progresses, leaves mature and become stronger and hang out on the tree branches they developed on. This is likewise similar to our goals. Time may have developed them, but without any activity or attention, they just continue to hang out waiting for us to mold and create them.

As this season comes to a close and the days get shorter, the leaves begin to lose their pigmentation and begin to change. More times than not, before they fall to the ground, they turn into the most beautiful colors imaginable.

Our goals are similar to this. As we hope and wait for our goals to come true in our lives, we may not realize they began to change before our eyes and if we look close enough, they may be more beautiful than we could have imagined.

Many goals look tantalizing and beautiful, but before we can attain them, they begin to drift out of reach, just as the fall leaves drop to the ground. Unfortunately, over time, our lives change and within those changes our goals get pushed farther back in our life than we ever hoped for.

In the midst of our life changes, our goals begin to fall from our hopes just like the leaves fall from the trees. How many times has life become so busy in your every day, you forgot about the goals you set way back in the day?

My friend, consider this time as your winter season. Your goals may have fallen by the wayside, but it doesn’t mean they are gone. Unless the tree dies through the winter, it lives to produce more leaves in the spring.

Our goals are similar to this. They are still there, but as a result of life’s challenges and difficulties, they may not look the same, just as the new leaves on the bare tree will not be the same as they were the season before.

My friend do not be afraid of the changes that will occur in your life or the fact your goals may not look the same.

Just as the leaves go through various stages during their life cycle so will the goals you have set for yourself. Do not give up the hope of your goals and dreams. There is still the chance for them to not only come true but for them to be more beautiful than they would have been had they been attained earlier in your life.

Lastly, remember your goals are all yours. The old, the new, the same, the different. It is never too late to work towards them no matter what season you may find your life in. Your goals in life allow you to see the hope of a brighter future.

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